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Ken Fredette

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  • Life long Mainer born in Houlton, Maine
  • Picked potatoes, in northern Maine as a young person
  • Two children, and one step-daughter
  • Graduated from a small Maine high school, with a graduating class of 19 students
  • First in family to graduate from Harvard University
  • Ran for Governor of Maine in 2018
Mark Dion

Ken has been practicing law for over 25 years and active in government and politics for over three decades.

in 2010, Ken was elected to the Maine House of Representatives and was appointed to the Appropriations Committee. His colleagues in the House elected him the Republican House Leader for the next three consecutive terms, where Ken co-authored the major peice of Energy Legislation of the decade, the 2013 Maine Omnibus Energy Bill, recruited candidates and oversaw hundreds of campaigns. In 2008 Ken was a consultant on the Statewide Referendum on gaming in Maine. Ken's campaign experience includes staffing presidential, gubernatorial and congressional campaigns in Maine and New England.

Prior to his elections, Ken was appointed by Democratic Governor John Baldacci to the Maine Human Rights Commission.

Ken is a graduate of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, Ed Muskie School for Public Service, and the University of Maine School of Law and he is currently serving as a Judge Advocate General in the Maine National Guard.

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